What You Need To Know About Diabetes


Diabetes is a dangerous disease that has become a prominent cause for heart disease and other serious illnesses. It’s becoming more common around the world and awareness on the disease may reduce its further progression among the people.Diabetes occurs when the blood glucose level in the body is too high. There is a hormone called insulin which is secreted by the pancreas which facilitates the uptake of insulin from blood to the cells. In the absence of insulin or when the function is impaired, the blood glucose level remains high and causes damage to the body. There are three types. Type one is where insulin is not made as your own immune system attacks and destroys the pancreatic cells which creates them. It usually occurs in children and young adults. Type two is the commonest and it occurs in the middle-aged and elderly. Here, the body develops resistance to insulin and thus not being used properly. The third type is gestation diabetes mellitus which occurs in pregnancy and resolves after delivery of the baby. It can cause complications of the pregnancy so proper follow-up at Erskineville medical centre is essential.When you develop symptoms such as increased thirst, frequent urination, weight loss despite an increased appetite and excessive fatigue, a physician must be consulted immediately. They would carry out a clinical evaluation which includes blood tests to diagnose diabetes.

There are predisposing factors to diabetes as it is disease with both genetic and environmental basis. They include being overweight, a family history, age more than 45 years, sedentary lifestyle of physical inactivity and poor diet excessive in carbs and sugary food. The factors that can be controlled must be done so without delay which will slow the progression of disease and in some cases prevent it. The doctors of Waterloo Medical Centre would also say that the complications of diabetes are many. It can lead to heart disease, stroke, kidney issues, and nerve, eye and foot problems. Thus proper management is essential. Some may be controlled with proper diet and exercise in order to reduce weight and keep fit. Some may need pharmacological management with either oral drugs or injections. In either case, proper follow-up is essential.Diabetes is a common disease that can strike anyone in life. It can be a silent disease which means it may cause a lot of damage to the body without your knowledge. And sometimes it may be too late once a diagnosis is actually made. But if you are aware of the disease symptoms and take care of yourself properly by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the disease can be avoided.